Consulting Services Overview

Offered To Building Industry Professionals:

Designers, Architects, Realtors®, Builders and Developers

Technical Support

learning environmentally friendly constructionis provided primarily to the home building industry, non-governmental organizations and State and Federal agencies to enhance energy efficiency, the environmental performance of building and remodeling projects, boost indoor environmental quality, and to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Training On Building Science Practices


includes environmental performance (“green building”) guidelines; indoor air quality (IAQ) enhancement recommendations; building based renewable energy applications; new building energy codes implementation; and standards compliance and implementation.

We also provide training programs to national associations, product manufacturers, government agencies, non-profit groups, and consumer groups.

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Offered To Consumers And Home Diy-ers

Technical Support


home buildingWe can provide computer studies on your project plans to ensure excellent utility bill savings, and we can work with your architect or designer to boost comfort and performance. Also, we will develop a custom project “eco-specifications” for your new or remodeled home based on many years experience. Costs for these services are in the range of $300 (computer study of typical single-family home plans) to $750. We also provide complete “off grid” home planning services with fees ranging from $1,200 to $3,000 depending on project complexity.

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Specific Support Services


solar roof on a homeWe offer the very finest in custom designed consulting services to serve the needs of the high-performance building industry, producers and users of renewable energy technologies, and other businesses and groups involved in sustainable development and environmental restoration of the built environment. Please use the inquiry form on this site to request a proposal, or to ask someone to contact you.

Tailored Technical Support


  • Customized research on new and emerging building-related environmental technologies (performance, cost-effectiveness, field experience, case studies)
  • Design and specifications review using state-of-the-art building computer simulation analysis for new and existing residential and most commercial buildings
  • Plan reviews of building design compliance with ASHRAE Standards and International Model Energy Codes (MEC), and selected guidelines such as EPA Energy Star and the EEBA Criteria for Resource Efficient Design and Construction, and the LEED Green Building Rating System* (certification pending)
  • Evaluations of building designs for environmental performance using a state-of-the-art Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) derived from US Green Building Council LEED rating criteria and protocols, ASTM environmental and materials standards, international research on green buildings, and environmentally beneficial construction practice
  • Bibliographical searches of a published source, trade literature, including complete Internet searches of computerized databases Worldwide.

* Tom Smattash of Renewable Energy serves on the US Green Building Council LEED development committee, residential sections. LEED: “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” TM

We Train On Applied Building Science Practices


building designBuilding energy codes and standards compliance assessment and implementation practices and procedures; indoor environmental quality enhancement; implementation of passive solar designs and other on-site renewable energy sources; and building environmental performance guidelines.

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