Get Your House Prepared For This Winter Season

house prep for winter

Eventually the fall will end and you don’t have a choice but to deal with the burden and harsh conditions of the winter season. Therefore, it is time for you to prepare your home for the winter season since it is the most exposed to the cold. The good thing is you don’t really have to call in someone else to do the prep for you. What we have here are basic steps that you can do yourself.

So what’s the point of preparing the house for the winter? The whole idea is based around the notion that ideal home preparation for winter will substantially help you lower your utility and energy bills, in the process allowing you to keep everyone safe inside against the dangerous cold.

1 – Furnace or Heat Pump Inspection

You can spend less than $100 for a technician from your heating oil Allentown PA services to inspect your furnace or heat pump. The objective for cleaning and inspection is to make sure the entire system is in top condition right before the winter arrives. Part of the said inspection is to look for broken or damaged areas and the measurement of carbon monoxide leak.

house prep for winterThe key in furnace repair is acting as soon as possible. You don’t want to add more to the burden by opting to miss out on inspection and then experience major issues or troubles during the winter. When you resort to heating system repair in the winter, you will be lucky enough to get the services of a contractor. You have to understand that everybody is in line for services during this period.

2 – Insulation

One other thing that will help you ideally prepared for the winter without really spending that much is to check on insulation. What we’re talking about here adding insulation to your current and existing insulation found in the attic. As a matter of fact, any expert will tell you that your home must have a minimum of twelve inches of insulation in the attic.

A simple thing is you can to find out if you need more insulation is to go up to the attic and see the ceiling joists. If you can see them, it means you don’t have enough insulation. But do remember that if you are looking at layering insulation on top of the existing insulation, do not use the kraft face type of finish like a paper backing because it will in turn become a vapor barrier. When this happens, you may experience moisture problems later on.

3 – Wash Windows

By simply imagining it, washing the windows seems to be a very burdensome job, unless of course you only have one window at home! Part of winter season preparation is washing the windows both inside and out, at least twice a year. The ideal frequency would be during the fall and spring. So why wash the windows? Is there a significant benefit connected to winter prep?

The thing is if you wash and clean your windows, you’re actually getting the right opportunity to look for cracks as well as broken caulking. You also get the chance to lead light inside without the obstructions of dirt and dust, thereby allowing the heat of the sun enter your home and provide added warmth.

4 – Furniture Rearrangement

It is very helpful if you put in some effort in rearranging your furniture, the purpose of which is to give your living space some new feel and look right in time for the winter. For one, you can pull seating pieces closer to the fireplace in order to get more warmth during the night or perhaps put up a new display on the mantle in order to produce a kind of winter season focal point.

5 – Inspect the Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Alarm

If you have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector installed at home, you need to check them right before the winter season comes and it’s part of your heating system repair. Part of the inspection is replacing the batteries when there is a need to. Carbon monoxide detectors must be placed high on walls and near bedrooms.