Ductless Air Conditioning Solutions in Toms River NJ

ductless installation in toms river nj

ductless installation in toms river njDuctless air conditioning systems are extremely energy efficient heat pumps. These units, also known as mini split systems, can be installed in residential and commercial settings.

Ductless systems can be used for air conditioning, heating or both. The technology is based on heat pump technology and the systems are 100% electric. A ductless unit consists of an indoor head, and outdoor condenser and a line set that connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

Mini-Split Installation Solutions

We install:

  • Mitsubishi Ductless Systems
  • Fujitsu Ductless Systems
  • Lennox Ductless Solutions

Ge the best solution for your home or business. Mini split systems are fantastic alternatives to traditional, ducted heating and cooling systems. Ductless units can be installed in historic homes, stone farmhouses, buildings with no ductwork, additions to homes, attics, garages, pool houses, she-sheds, etc.

The energy efficiency of the systems is extremely high. Additionally, since the heads are installed in individual rooms, they are automatically zoned systems. Each room has its own temperature control. This helps to eliminate wasteful energy.

Point Bay Fuel is a local HVAC contractor in Toms River, New Jersey. Point Bay Fuel installs, services and maintains many split systems. They have the expertise and knowledge to be your go-to heating and cooling contractor in Toms River. Below is a video testimonial from one of their customers.

Point Bay Fuel Testimonial:

How A Ductless System Works

Mini-Split ductless systems are electric heat pumps. They provide individual room temperature controls and allow you to switch from cooling to heating with a click of a button. The outdoor unit’s heat pump cools or warms refrigerant and sends it back inside to the air handler, which continuously monitors the room for changes in temperature and sends conditioned air to the areas of the room that need it.

Installation is quick and easy. There is no need for expensive, invasive and often leaky ductwork: A small 3-inch hold hidden behind the indoor unit is all that’s needed to connect it to the outdoor unit.

With ductless air conditioner models, you have a thermostat for each zone, so you can isolate air conditioning to the spaces you’re occupying. That means a nice chunk of energy savings, which also means lower energy costs.


How much does it cost to install a ductless air conditioning system?

Mini Split Installation Cost. The average cost to install a mini split air conditioning system is $1,900. The maximum average cost to install a mini split air conditioning system is $2,100. The minimum average reported cost for mini split-air conditioner installation is $1,700.

What is a ductless split system air conditioner?

Like central systems, mini splits have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units.

How many BTU do I need per square foot?

Multiply the total square footage to be heated by the heating factor. If you live in a 2,500 square foot home and a climate zone with a heating factor of 40 BTUs per square foot, you need a furnace with an output of 100,000 BTUs per hour.