Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions

building contractor for a green homeAt Renewable Energy, we provide consulting services on green building techniques. We incorporate energy efficiency, renewable energy applications, environmental building materials, and indoor environmental quality.

We can help you implement environmental practices in both new and existing buildings.

Green Building Practices, Energy Efficiency & Renewables, and Healthy Buildings

The overall environmental impact of building, remodeling, community development and the choices made when we reuse or demolish existing structures is very important.

The current term green building — (part of “sustainable design”) — describes the relationship that is the use of environmentally sound building strategies that result in more sustainable development. When these strategies are put to use can help reverse negative environmental impacts of development. There are various studies that prove this.

Environmental buildings start with highly energy efficient design; are constructed and commissioned to ensure they are healthy indoors for their occupants; are more comfortable, durable and easier to afford due to lower operating and owning costs; and utilize construction materials wisely helping the environment.

Consulting Services Profile

Direct Client Services Include:

  • Green design and construction plan reviews  (Energy Efficiency)
  • Comfort, indoor health and energy-efficiency assessments  (Indoor Environment)
  • Advice boosting productivity, durability, maintainability  (Computer Studies)
  • Environmental building design “systems approach”  (Commissioning)
  • Independent assessment of eco-product claims  (Program Design)
  • Customized scientific & technical research studies  (Builder Training)

solar roof on house

Assisting Building Professionals

  • Designers, Builders & Developers
  • Green Building “Reference Guide”
  • Example Consulting Projects
  • Takoma Village CoHousing Project
  • Energy Star™ Homes “Toolbox”
  • Consulting Service Request Form
  • Winter-time energy ideas
  • Weatherization Info & Resources
  • “Top-Ten Tips”
  • New: Energy Tips for Homes (DOE)
  • U. S. DOE “Consumer Energy Site”
  • Sustainable Living Books (outside)